Enduro 300 4-Stroke Fuel Injected E-Start Twin

Enduro 300 4-Stroke Fuel Injected E-Start Twin
Enduro 300 4-Stroke Fuel Injected E-Start Twin

Enduro 300 4-Stroke Fuel Injected E-Start Twin

With a multitude of exceptional materials, quality machining, processing and material treatments, matched to a huge number of machined aluminium and high-quality parts, the TM Racing Enduro 300 4-Stroke Fuel Injected E-Start Twin is handbuild as it would be for a professional rider, although designed for the retail consumer.

$ 13,899.00

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Model Description

Upgrades made to the 2021 Enduro 300 4S FI ES Twin

For 2021, the TM Racing Enduro 300 4-Stroke Fuel Injected E-Start Twin sees some beneficial changes. These include updates and revisions to both engine, chassis and gearbox. Ancillary component and fueling and electrical systems set-up have also been revised. TM’s latest generation aluminium chassis was redesigned in 2018 to improve the structure and alter flex characteristics. It remains for 2021 but has once again been revised in its construction, achieving a small weight reduction. All these changes are designed and engineered to work together harmoniously.

TM’s exceptional quality remains as always, built to perform at a level in standard trim beyond what is the conventional expectation. Greater performance throughout, not just in power, but in delivery and control.

A motorcycle like no other

TM Factory motorcycles have more in common with their production counterparts than you might think. They are equipped with the same components as the bikes they produce for their customers.

Some new parts and settings are applied to test, develop, and of course improve their production models. But not parts or exotic materials that you would not find on a production machine. A great testimony to the philosophy of TM and manufacturing quality, performance and strength of their original parts.

TM has been at the top of the most competitive World Championships. They have been winning World, European and regional championship titles throughout 2020, both in Enduro and Supermoto categories.

True performers, race bikes built to compete from the offset. That is what we have all come to expect from a TM machine.

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the Enduro 300 4S FI ES Twin

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For more details on the TM Racing Enduro 300 4-Stroke Fuel Injected E-Start Twin, contact your nearest TM Racing retailer.



299, 4 cc


E-Start and Kick Start



Throttle Body

TPI Fuel Injected


Super-unleaded, 94+ octane




Electronic with variable advance


Multiple-disk in oil bath with hydraulic control


5 gear

Cooler System

Coolant liquid with pump


Perimetral Aluminium

Front fork

Kayaba Ø 48 mm double adjustment

Rear suspension

TM Racing

Front tire


Rear tire


Front brake

Disk Ø 270 mm with Nissin pump and Braking caliper

Rear brake

Disk Ø 245 mm with Nissin Braking pump and caliper


Plastic 7, 5 L


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