2021 motorcycles Range

Once again, the small Pesarese manufacturer has taken its products to the top of the world stage this year. Thanks to their handcrafted, high specification, high quality and high performance machines, TM Racing has been at the top of the most competitive World Championships, winning World, European and domestic championship titles throughout 2020, both in Enduro and Supermoto categories.

For 2021, TM Racing range sees some beneficial changes. These include updates and revisions to both engine, chassis and gearbox. Ancillary component and fueling and electrical systems set-up have also been revised. TM Racing’s latest generation aluminium chassis was re-designed in 2018 to improve the structure and alter flex characteristics. It remains for 2021 but has once again been revised in its construction, achieving a small weight reduction. All these changes are designed and engineered to work together harmoniously. They further enhancing an already great package of machines for the new model year.

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